About the Jones Family

Name: Johann Carl Schantz, Born in Gondelsheim, Germany in Oct (?) 1721. Anglicized in Philadelphia: Charles Jones

Origin: Gondelsheim, Germany (note: for a time, he was thought to be Welsh since Jones is the most common name in Wales, but modern research has tracked down his origins to Johannes Schantz aka John Jones: born August 23, 1753 in Pennsylvania — died 1810

Henry Jones: Born about 1758 – died January 20, 1840

Anna Margretha Schantz aka Margaret Jones: Born December 1769 in Philadelphia – died

Catharina Elisabeth Schantz aka Catherine Elizabeth Jones: born July 1765 in Philadelphia – died April 1, 1854

Other Information: Originally given a large distribution of oats to establish a gristmill. Died 1774 in Moncton. Somewhere between 1775 – 1780 Jacob Reicker Sr may have married Charles`s widow.