About the Lutz Family

Name: Georg Michael Lutz, Born in Wilhelm on April 17, 1725. Anglicized: Michael Lutes

Job: Farmer

Wife: Anna Walpurgis, born in Wiebler.

Origin: Germany / KreuzWertheim


Anna Catharina Lutz – January 11, 1749 in Kreuzwertheim – 1827 in Hillsborough. Married Jacob Stief (November 14, 1749 – October, 9 1803) on January 7, 1772. Eldest son of Heinrich and Regina Stief.

Peter Lutz – March 12, 1751 in Kreuzwertheim – after March 10th and before April 1, 1825 in Lower Coverdale N.B. Worked as a Farmer, Shoemaker, Woodworker, Trader (selling grindstones, etc). Married Mary Ricker (1755/1756 after 1851) In Lower Coverdale. Daughter of Jacob Ricker Jr.

Thomas Lutz – 1753 in Pennsylvania – After June 20 1797. Moved to the other side of the Petitcodiac River from Hillsborough circa 1782. Had dealings with Bedford Boultenhouse, loyalist from Sackville possibly left N.B after 1797. Wife unknown.

Anna Margaretha Lutz – March 4, 1755 in Philadelphia – January 2, 1828 in Hillsborough. Married John Stief on April 30, 1774. Son of Heinrich and Regina Stief.

Georg Micheal Lutz Jr. – July 12, 1758 in Philadelphia – after 1803 in Hillsborough. Moved to other side of the Petitcodiac River from Hillsborough around 1782 for a year. Possibly left N.B.

Johannes/John Lutz – 1761 in Philadelphia area – After 1826 and before 1851 in Moncton. Worked as a farmer and cheese producer.

Other Information: Applied to go to the new world at the age of 29. Arrived in Pennsylvania in 1752. Arrived at The Bend (Hall’s Creek) June 3rd, 1766. Coat of arms : Sword and shear. Buried at Wilson cemetery. On his original grant of land (Salisbury Road)