About the Reicker Family

Name: Jacob Reicker Anglicized: Jacob Ricker

Family (Original): Wife: Anna Maria Reicker,

Son: Georg Reicker

Son: Jacob Jr – born c. 1730

Job: Miller

Origin: Germany

Birth Date: Jacob Reicker was born c.1705,

Emigrated From: Bodelshausen

Wife: Anna Maria

Children: 2 sons, 6 daughters

Proprieter/Sponsor: William Smith

Arrived in America: around 1750

There were two Rickers aboard the Lovey, both named Jacob, father and son. Jacob Sr was a widower and Jacob Jr. was the only male heir. Jacob Jr’s wife died soon after arrival at The Bend, probably related to childbirth of a daughter who survived. Jacob Jr then married the widow of Matthew Sommer in 1769, as it is recorded that he paid the Expenses of a lawsuit, and undertook to settle the Division of the Estate among one son and five daughters.

The Ricker family moved downriver to Hillsborough in 1770 along with the Stiefs, Lutzs and Wortmans. The Ricker family had predominately daughters, and grew the most flax of all the Petitcodiac Germans. It was even claimed that they supported their family by weaving.